Pope's Inn

amateur sports

Columbus, Ohio

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Top Row: Coach Vic Marino, Eddie Clark, Stan “Stump” Brown, Dale Hampshire, Ray Clickinger, Assistant Coach George Steinbrenner, Jim Copeland, Dale Boggs, Dimitri Pope, Tommy D. Pope
Middle Row: Will Alston, Dick Thompson, Walt Hoffman, Larry Whitehead, Dick Graf, Bill Clancy, Hartwell James, Bob Martin
Bottom Row: Stan Soon, Pete Corey, Frank “Gish” Gililea, Tony Cappuriccini, Tom T. Pope, Gary George, Bill Gonnell,
​Bob Michael, Bill Goshorn
Missing: Bill Woodall, Lee Brooks, Bill Heitz, Richard Arnold

Tom T. Pope

Pope’s Inn started out as a gas station during WW2, then sold to my grandfather Dimitri Pope as Avenue Inn, in 1949.  My father Tommy D. Pope came aboard in 1950 with his new wife Teresa ‘Terry.”   The name changed to Pope’s Inn, it was a local Tavern that catered to blue collar, white collar young and old and athletes.  High school, college, semi-pro and professional athletes, featuring: football, basketball (men and woman), softball (men, women and co-rec), bowling.  Pope’s Inn sponsored Athletic teams from 1949 to 1984 located ½ mile west of the Greenlawn softball diamond athletic complex.

I want to recreate some of the athletic history during those years.  I was very young and can’t recall many of the names in these pictures, but these folks made central Ohio athletics exciting during the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

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Pope’s Inn sponsored Athletic teams from 1949 to 1984

Pope's Inn Football Team 1954, Coach Vic Marino, Assistant Coach, George Steinbrenner 

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Pope's Inn Women's Softball Team 1950's 

Pope’s Inn Amateur Sports  627 Greenlawn Ave. Columbus,Ohio