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Tommy Pope Sings, "Music with Meaning"

Tommy at the Pope's Inn
​Music Room

Pope's Inn

amateur sports

Columbus, Ohio

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It Had to be You

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Tavern in the Town

Tommy, Sr. was in the entertainment business for many years. After serving with the 28th Division during WWll, he returned to the USA, singing at various resorts in the Catskill Mountains. Tommy then returned to Ohio and worked at the W.M.R.N. radio 
station in Marion.

 After being invited to work with his father, Dimitri, in Columbus, Ohio, Tommy built a music room at the Pope's Inn. There he invited various musicians, on weekends, for night time musical performances. He then became staff vocalist with Walter Knick, on station W.E.L.D., the first F.M. Radio Station in Columbus. 
During the sixties he sponsored 30 minute singing shows on W.T.V.N. radio. He also performed on radio station W.M.N.I.

Tommy made many recordings, which were well received by people throughout the midwest. Enjoy listening to these recordings, shown on this webpage.  

What Can I Say Dear

Here Tommy is featured with the Al Waslohn Orchestra

Penthouse Serenade

Tommy Pope Sings

While Al Waslon Swings

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If You Ever Change Your Mind

You Made Me Love You

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