"Tommy Pope has expressed much satisfaction with his 1962 team and says that

it ​is one of the 'most spirited' groups that he has ever sponsored."

Pope's Inn Gridders   Buckeye Heavyweight League Champs 1962 

Top Row: Neumoff, Vic Marino, 3, 4, Walt Reiner, Walt Hoffman, Dale Hampshire, Bob Michael, 9, Frank “Gish” Gililea, 11, 12, Young, Jack Spaulding. 15, Borzan, Tommy D. Pope
Middle Row: Jack Denny, Frank Scram, 3, Paul Fenner, Jack Dennis, Kenny Ailes, Denny Swalman, 8, 9, Bill Shaw, 11
Bottom Row: 1, Snake, 3, Art Angel, Izzy Volpe, 6, Harold Colliver, 8, Bob “Sookie” Martin, 10, George Popovich, Gary Limotta

Pope's Inn

Pope's Inn Football Team 1954, Coach Vic Marino, Assistant Coach, George Steinbrenner 

Pope's Inn Football Players 1960's

Pope's Inn Football Players 1950's

Right: Coach Vic Marino

Third Row, ____ _____, ____ _____

Second Row: Bill Woodall, ____ _____, Jim Copeland

 First Row: Bob "Sookie" Martin, Dale Hampshire, Walt Hoffman 

Sitting: Stan Soon,


Columbus, Ohio

Top Row: Coach Vic Marino, Eddie Clark, Stan “Stump” Brown, Dale Hampshire, Ray Clickinger, Assistant Coach George Steinbrenner, Jim Copeland, Dale Boggs, Dimitri Pope, Tommy D. Pope
Middle Row: Will Alston, Dick Thompson, Walt Hoffman, Larry Whitehead, Dick Graf, Bill Clancy, Hartwell James, Bob Martin
Bottom Row: Stan Soon, Pete Corey, Frank “Gish” Gililea, Tony Cappuriccini, Tom T. Pope, Gary George, Bill Gonnell,
​Bob Michael, Bill Goshorn
Missing: Bill Woodall, Lee Brooks, Bill Heitz, Richard Arnold

amateur sports

Back Row: Vic Marino, Walt Hoffman, Frank "Gish” Gililea, Bob Michael, Tommy D. Pope
Front Row: Bob "Sookie" Martin, Tom Duckworth, Dale Hampshire 

Pope's Inn Football Players 1950's